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"This Is the Moment" — A video about the Healthy Food Community of Practice

Updated: May 7, 2021

This community of practice is starting something powerful. We want others to glimpse the ways the community of practice is breaking down silos, learning, and working in new ways. And we want to invite them to join us in this work, whether as supporters, partners, or new members of the community.

This video offers that glimpse and invitation. We are deeply grateful to Shana Alford, Vice President of Research & Evaluation at Common Threads, who came up with the idea for this video; and Stacey McDaniel, Sue Kater, and Devita Davison whose powerful words are featured in this video (see more below).

Here's a transcript of the video.

In March 2020, the Healthy Food Community of Practice started – the same month a pandemic was declared. Today, more than 35 national organizations gather to build relationships, learn, and take action to help people who face systemic barriers to access and consume healthy food.

"We've just seen so much in the pandemic, and these relationships have been so essential," said Stacey McDaniel, Anti-Hunger Initiatives Specialist of YMCA of the USA.

"I haven't made one connection or collaboration, I've made all of them. The breaking down of silos and working together is the only way we're going to do this," said Sue Kater, a consultant to the League for Innovation in the Community College.

"This is our time. This is the moment... for us to imagine, for us to envision, for us to build, for us to question, and for us to come together and really think about what a new food system looks like that is equitable, that is just, and more delicious for all," said Devita Davison, Executive Director of FoodLab Detroit.

Together, we have a better chance at ending food and nutrition insecurity. Learn more at

See the video above and also here.

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